Black Magic in Islam and Its Cure

Black Magic in Islam and Its Cure

Magic is an old human exercise and our intimates used to magic show to viewers, which is different to actuality. Black magic is the part of magic that we used to perform a touch harmful against somebody. Demon, ghosts, evils are sources of black magic. at this time, we are here  to know about black magic cure in Islam.

Black Magic in Islam in Urdu

If you want to destroy black magic then first you need to know that who the originator behind black magic because it is most strong and powerful. We are providing black magic in Urdu right now. Therefore, if you must want to understand our act of worship and supplications then you should be use our black magic cure in Urdu service.

 Signs of Black Magic in Islam.

1.  Separation between husband and wife with this he can break a home and obliterate somebody’s married happy life.
2. Wife hates her husband upon seeing his face.
3. Having a headache all moment in time. This also is a sign of black magic
4. Having gullet infection all the time one feel pain and can’t talk.
5. Difficulty in breathing. It is a type of siifly magic. One can’t breathe without problems he feels suffocation.

Symptoms of black magic in Islam

Black Magic Symptoms

  1. Feeling UGLY
  2. When you comb hair, you lose a lot.
  3. Pain in shoulder, lower back and stomach gets swollen
  4. BODY bruise, SPOTS
  5. When exterior feel relaxed when inside feel opposite
  6. Hate wife or Hate husband.