How to Save Marriage from Separation



Are you the one whose marriage relationship is in problems and standing on the step of separation and you don’t want this to happen and reason of that wants to know that how to save marriage from separation? Then you are at right place we are here to make help you. When marriage stand upon the stage of separation then it’s sure that definitely   something worst had happened in between you and your spouse and reason of that your marriage relationship is in this situation, and whatever had happen now forgiving this all and getting back in relationship is really a harder  thing to do because when once these all bad and unwanted things had happens in your life then somewhere forgiving these all is not an easier thing for couple to do. So in this situation how to resolve the problem? And how to get back marriage life on track? So for solving this delicate situation you need a help of Islamic mantra. Islamic mantra is the perfect solution for your problems and by this, you can easily get back your relationship back from the separation step.

How to convince partner to don’t leave the marriage relationship

is your Marriage relationship is also in problems and your spouse seeks divorce from you then the first thing don’t get that much panic because you are not the one who is going to this situation there are lots of people who are facing this, so firstly keep patience and try to figure out the solution that How to convince partner to don’t leave the marriage relationship? If you have tried everything but still not got success then you can make consult to our astrologer Moulana Ji. And by the help of them, you can easily get back on track and can get know that how to resolve the issues and make convince your partner.